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 Flow sensors

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Q:Can the ultrasonic quick clamp for pipes measure liquid with foam?

A:At present, our company's fast ultrasonic pipe quick flowmeter is only suitable for the measuring the flow of pure water in ordinary pipelines, and the measurement of other special media is still in the development and testing.

Q:What are the requirements for the pipe material for a flowmeter with a clamp?

A:At present, the applicable pipe materials of the fast pipe clamp ultrasonic flowmeter developed by our company include carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and PVC.

Q:Is a flowmeter with a pipe clamp used for products with a diameter greater than DN100?

A:The diameter of the fast pipe clamp ultrasonic flowmeter is between DN20 and DN80. The other diameters of this flowmeter have not yet been developed.

Q:Can the flanged interface of the ultrasonic flowmeter be customized? 

A:The connection specifications of all our products can be customized according to customer requirements.

Q:What are the requirements for the installation position of the pipe clamp flowmeter?

A:Flow meter measurement needs to ensure that the liquid in the pipeline is full. It is necessary to ensure that the length of the front end of the flow meter is 10D and the length of the back end is 5D.

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