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Temperature Sensors

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Q:What are the site requirements for the temperature transmitter?

A:The installation location of the temperature source component should be selected where the temperature of the medium is sensitive and representative. It is not suitable to be near the valve and other resistance components, where the medium flow is in a dead angle or where the vibration is large. The installation position of the thermocouple source component should be far away from the strong magnetic field.

Q:What is the highest temperature resistance of small float products?

A:Due to the temperature resistance characteristics of electronic components, float products are currently only recommended for long-term use below 120°C.

Q:What is the highest medium temperature that a flowmeter with a clamp can measure? 

A:The temperature change of the medium will affect the speed of sound. In the actual measurement, the temperature of the medium and the environment should be kept within -20~85℃.

Q: Can the thermal resistance signal output resistance signal be used the same as the 4-20mA model?

A:For temperature products, what signal is required should be determined according to the acquisition module on the customer site. If the acquisition module on site is a thermal resistance acquisition module, a PT100 signal is required, and if the acquisition module on site is a current acquisition module, a 4-20mA signal is required.

Q: Is LPG pressure drop measured at 100° C? 

A:In the field measurement, a heating tube is needed to bring the temperature to the acceptable range of the electronic components.

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