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Q:Can the connecting rod's five float points be used?

A:5 points cannot be done, the junction box is not enough, up to 4 points

Q:Why can't the input level gauge be repaired after it is damaged?

A:It can be repaired, but usually the diaphragm is damaged, the sensor needs to be replaced, and the price is too high.

Q:How is your company's after-sales service guaranteed?

A:Our company has a high-quality professional after-sales team, and promises to provide timely and high-quality online services around the world. If necessary, we can go to the scene to solve related product issues for customers.

Q:What is the highest accuracy of pressure transmitter products?

A:The highest precision of differential pressure is 0.075%FS, gauge pressure is 0.2%FS

Q: Can a radar level gauge measure liquids with a foamy medium?

A:When the radar level gauge is measuring, the foam affects the measurement accuracy of the product, and the anti-wave tube must be installed in place to ensure accurate measurements.

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